Wanna try another local 4×4 park?

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So the 4×4 bug has bit me. I’ve explored a local OHV park, not far my home, several times. It’s quite fun, and I plan on visiting it regularly from now on.

I also did some 4x4ing in Death Valley this past week, and it was great fun! My pops mentioned that he may be getting a Jeep soon, and a few of my friends also have 4×4’s of various kinds. This is all good news!

I’m also healing from back surgery, and need to take it easy. Generally, I’ve found that I can drive my Pathfinder for a couple of hours before I need to get out and rest. The resting consists of walking around for around 5 minutes, then I need to sit/lay back for about 15 minutes. If I plan ahead, I can do this AND 4×4 for most of a day. Cool!

What’s the point?

I found another OHV park close to my home. It’s about 2 hours away, so I think I can drive out for the day. We can pack a lunch, and take some extra fuel. There’s also a gas station in New Cuyama, one of those privately owned, non-brand name stations. Probably high prices, but at least it’s available.

Oh, “Where’s the park?”, you ask? It’s called Ballinger Canyon OHV.

I’m considering putting together a little day trip out there in May. Possibly on a week day, maybe not. If you’re interested in joining me, let me know by commenting below.


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