Four more years!

As we near the weekend, the United States federal government is headed towards a shut down. Why? Because of Barack Obama’s failed leadership. Make no mistake, his complete failure as president has brought us here. Let’s celebrate his failure!


Author: TREVOR

Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.

3 thoughts on “Four more years!”

  1. I am sorry to anyone who thought that this blog is primarily a photography blog.

    This blog is my catch all blog for everything that interests me. I love photography, and so I blog about it a lot. I also love firearms, politics, my faith in God, and my family. So, I blog about those things too.

    You should know, I love sharing my life with you. If you don’t like my life, that’s fine. No one is forcing you to hang around.

    I have a good job, that pays well. So, the ad income from Amazon doesn’t pay the bills. It buys me books for my Kindle.


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