Where have you been?

Ok, so you didn’t go anywhere. I did!

I’ve spent the past month fasting from all forms of social media. “Fasting?”, you ask. You may think that fasting is only for food, but nope, you can fast from a lot of things. I figure that I can fast from anything that I enjoy or want, as long as it’s not inherently bad for me.

My goal was to talk with the Lord more. I also wanted to reevaluate my priorities with using social media.

The revaluation process was actually quite easy. Over the next few days I’ll be trimming a lot of contacts from Facebook. I really want my Facebook relationships to enhance my real life relationships. People I actually know and want to continue to know. If I trim you there it’s because we’ve never met, or probably never will. I also have acquaintances from my past who are not in my life now and probably never will again, or they have no positive influence anymore. I really want Facebook to benefit my life and walk with the Lord. Constructive rebuke is more than acceptable, so I’m not talking about dumping people who aren’t nice. I just no longer want to keep contentious people around.

That’s the funny thing about Facebook. It makes your feel like people are in your life, who really aren’t. I just want to fix that balance.

Twitter is drastically different. You can follow me, and I don’t have to follow you and vice versa. I think my Twitter life can remain the same, and continue to grow.

The time with the Lord is the real fun part! I’ve been praying more. I’ve read the Word more. I’ve engaged theological discussions in a more thoughtful way. Overall, I see God’s presence and blessings more.

God hadn’t gone anywhere. It was me.

I’ve also enjoyed picking up my ukulele. You see, I play a little guitar, not figuratively. I play enough to be able to lead worship songs, casually. As a family, we travel a bit. But dragging along my jumbo-body guitar takes up a bunch of space, with 4 kids and a dog. So I, originally thought that I could get a backpacker’s guitar. They have full sized frets, but almost no body. Easy to pack! But then I also didn’t want to spend money. I’ve had a nice uke for a while, why not actually learn how to play it well enough to lead worship? So I did.

I’m not quite where I want to be. But I am satisfied with my progress!

To top off the month, I had surgery. Yeah, I got hurt at work and needed back surgery. (If you make the Facebook cut, feel free to ask me the details there.)

So for over half the month of fasting I was trapped on the couch.

I’m back up and getting around now.

This isn’t the best recap, but it’ll have to do. Not bad, for writing it on my Nexus One, via the WordPress app.


Author: TREVOR

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