Death Valley Phototrip plans…

Hey all, I’m heading to Death Valley next week. This is the trip I blogged briefly about here. The trip is still on!

Since I’ve been fasting from social media for the month of March, it’s made it difficult for me to plan and recruit more to come with us. My mistake. From the beginning I had decided that I’d head out, even if no one came. But it looks like at least a few of you will be coming too.

So, I’m bringing my two oldest kids, and my parents. I’m gonna be staying at Panamint Springs. That’s on the western border of the park. But, it’s not too far for us to drive into the main part of the park each day. From what I can tell, it’s about a 45 minute drive all the way to Furnace Creek. Not bad. Not great, but not bad.

We’re arriving on the 7th of April, and heading home on the 10th.

Last time I made this trip, our plans as a group, weren’t in stone. We had decided when and where we’d meet, and then headed out from there. We had loose goals, and tried to hit a few spots we wanted to photograph.

This time, I’d like to follow the same model. My only spot that I don’t want to pass on is the Racetrack Playa. Last time I was driving a Scion. This time, I finally have a 4×4. You don’t need 4×4 to drive out to the Racetrack, but you do need clearance. If that’s an issue for you, I’m sure we’ll have space to “carpool”.

On the 7th, I’d suggest we just all drive in and get settled. To add a get-together will probably be one too many things. I’d like to suggest that we drive a dirt road loop on the first day, the 8th. There is almost zero mobile phone service in DV, but there is WiFi at many locations. I will drag along my smartphone and a little laptop, for checking my email when we find WiFi. At the bottom of this email I’ll include all my contact info.


Arrive and get settled at your campground or hotel.


Meet at 8am, at the Stovepipe Wells General Store and Gas Station.

This loop will be a 100 mile, dirt road. 4×4 is not required, but recommended. (Actually, the main road for this loop is a hwy and flat dirt road. Clearance will be a benefit, however.) Our group is small enough, that we should be able to “carpool” if necessary.

Here’s a map of the planned route.


Racetrack Playa!

Meet at 8am, at the same spot as yesterday, the Stovepipe Wells General Store and Gas Station.

Gas up for this trip! We have 75 miles in, and 75 miles out.

4×4 is not required, just clearance, for this trip.

Here’s the map for the planned route. (This is the first half. Turn around, and trace it back when we’re done.)


Meet at 8:30am, at the store behind Old Dinah, in Furnace Creek.

We’ll head south on Badwater Rd, from Furnace Creek.

Badwater is 282 feet, below sea level. It’s the lowest point in North America.

It’s also the location of some sweet photo ops of a large salt basin.

Here’s the map for the planned route.

Of course sunset and sunrise photos are a must, in Death Valley. I’m going to leave that up to you to decide when and where you want to shoot those. The reality is that you’ll want to shoot them closer to your hotel or campground. At some point, I want to head out in the evening, after sunset. I think I’ll just plan for that once we’re there.

I’m excited about this trip. We’re gonna have some great fun and get some great photographs! Take a look at my photoset from my last trip to Death Valley.

See you all next week!



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  1. Aw Paul, I wish I’d known. We got settled early and scooted over there, to Stovepipe Wells. We wanted to scout out the sand dunes, but found it too windy. So we hit two 4×4 trails along the way and then headed back.

    See you in the morning!


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