How can I help Japan? Send $10, to help churches…

Seriously, what’s Japan’s best hope for a blessed future? Jesus Christ.

Now, duh, there are tons of great things all sorts of well-meaning people will do to help real, tangible needs of the hurting people in Japan. Those are important things that must be done now. Thousands of people are dead; tens of thousands of people. That alone is causing tremendous suffering. Then there’s the survivors. They’re hurting because they need food and water. They need a dry place to sleep tonight, and tomorrow night.

The needs will continue. The list will grow.

Much of these needs will, albeit slowly, be met by NGOs, missions organizations, locals helping locals, and their own government. The felt needs will slowly be met. But the deep pain, sorrow, and hurting will continue. For some, it will go on for a very long time.

Only Jesus can heal this pain.

I just donated $10 to Churches Helping Churches. CHC was birthed out of two pastors who knee-jerk jumped at the chance to head down to Haiti last year, within days of their disaster. These two pastors combined their desire to connect willing people to needy churches. Now this week, they’ve committed to helping the Church in Japan too. That’s something I can get behind!

So, you should text “chc” to 20222 to donate $10 to Churches Helping Churches too. Don’t forget to reply “yes” when prompted. Wanna give to a more well known ministry? Fine, give to World Vision. Still hesitant? Or you just don’t care about the Church in Japan, fine, donate to the Japanese Red Cross, via Google.

Churches Helping Churches announced that they are supporting a local ministry that has been and is continuing to serve suffering Japanese. Perfect! What better way to make sure that donated funds are most effective, than to hook up with a ministry already serving effectively? Well done, CHC! This local ministry is called CRASH Japan. (CRASH stands for Christian Relief, Assistance, Support and Hope network)

CHC also announced that they’re encouraging churches to take a special offering this weekend, March 26 and 27, to support CRASH Japan’s efforts. Read more about that here.


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2 thoughts on “How can I help Japan? Send $10, to help churches…”

  1. I think the Japanese Red Cross would be the way to go; I don’t think Jesus suggested we should support churches as a way to bring good news to people. Instead he said feed, clothe and support people.

    Noble efforts, though.


    1. Mark, thanks, I think.

      I understand that European Christians have fundamentally had a different experience with the Church than have American Christians. And your cultural Christian experience is peeking through on this one.

      The Church is only people. The Catholic and Anglican Church have done a really good job of changing the biblical view that the Church is only people, into a view that says that the Church is a superstructure of an organization. And that has effected the whole of European Christian culture.

      I’m sorry that their damage to the biblical view of the Church has tainted your view.

      My hope was that this post was encouraging and challenging, not an opportunity for debate.

      When I wrote this post, I stepped back and asked myself, “Will this be encouraging and build up, or will it be controversial?”

      He (Jesus) also said…

      “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” –Matthew 28:19-20

      Being The Great Commission, I take that quite seriously. Who else, other than the Church (the collection of real Christians), in a given area, is more qualified to fulfill this command? That is why I support local churches. That is why I support churches that support local churches.

      That is why I support Churches Helping Churches. It is a collection of like-minded Christians who believe that God ordained the local church for carrying out His mission.


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