Death Valley Phototrip, again

Last year I met up with a handful of great photogs in Death Valley National Park. Fun was had by all!

This VERY short post is a simple invite for any and all of you to head out again.

I’m looking at late March or early April. Chime in with your votes for a specific long weekend. Don’t be offended if we don’t go on your approved weekend, though.

Take a quick read of last year’s post.


So it looks like early April is gonna be better. So, I picked a tentative weekend. Go see more at the event on Facebook!


Author: TREVOR

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3 thoughts on “Death Valley Phototrip, again”

  1. Hey Trevor,

    I’m definitely interested in joining you. The timing may or may not work. My son is graduating from college at the end of March and we don’t yet know when the ceremony/event will be held. The second weekend of April (9th/10th) would probably work.

    Take care,


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