RV tech needs

So, let’s start talking about a little bit of dreaming. I want some outside input on the ideal tech setup on/in an RV.

*RV internet access
*Network/media storage, Drobo?

What do you “need”? How do we pull it off? Do we just take along a couple of MacBooks? Discrete install a Mac Mini?

What say you?

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5 thoughts on “RV tech needs”

  1. Are you getting the itch for a nomad lifestyle? I have been collecting several blogs in my Google Reader for people that have hit the road. Here are some good reference links:

    http://www.technomadia.com/ — they have several pages on their tech setup including a mac mini server. Check out the tech category.

    http://www.whereisben.com/whereisben/ — Ben Whilmore’s blog about living the nomad life.

    http://boyinks4adventure.com/ a family just starting the nomad lifestyle for a year.

    Here is a link to my Google Reader Nomad group: http://www.google.com/reader/shared/user%2F01704288643897759262%2Flabel%2F_Nomads

    As you may have guessed, I have been thinking about spending some time on the road as well. Probably in about 4 years when my daughter goes off to college.


  2. Sounds like you guys are on the right track. I think the Airport Extreme idea is excellent. It has a USB hub so you can connect storage and printers directly also. I don’t think it would replace the Mac Mini in the setup you are describing since you mentioned iTunes and media hub.


  3. I think I would do a MacMini, with a large external HD or Drobo attached and shared on the network. The MacMini would act as a server and possibly a terminal. Perhaps hooked up to a TV as a display and wireless keyboard/mouse.

    You can do the wireless via a MiFi or Overdrive. Or get a USB card and share the network via the MacMini.

    An all-in-one printer/copier/scanner can provide the printing/copying needs.

    I think I would run everything over wireless, rather than trying to run cables and provide ethernet ports.


    1. Thanks Jeremy, but my parents are NEVER going to be able to trouble shoot failure on the road. So, if I run wire, and install small ethernet “outlets”, they’ll have less issues.

      I’ll still install a WiFi network for their existing MacBooks. But, i think your MacMini/server/media/storage idea is best. However, I’d prefer to have them get a low cost printer/copier/fax/scanner, without the built-in WiFi, and just plug it into the MacMini, and share over the network.

      Maybe even install an Airport Extreme for the WiFi AND the ethernet hub/switch.

      Drobo shared from the MacMini will do great for media and backup storage.

      I’ll train them to use the MacMini for all iTunes purchases, and then they’ll have a decent media center too. Maybe even have them back up all their video and photos to that too. I’ll set them up with an AWS S3 account, like mine. I’ll just set up an Automator app that backs up the personal, important stuff. When they stop at decent places with ethernet internet at their site, I’ll show him how to just “double click here”, to back it all up. (Auto accident, theft, etc could loose valuable sentimentals.)


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