Wanna remotely wipe your Android phone?

iPhone users have had some nice security features that you get with MobileMe. The feature that interests me is the remote wipe.

Let’s say that you’re on vacation and your phone gets stolen. Do you want all your important data harvested, or worse? I bet you had Amazon 1-click turned on, didn’t you? Before you get home you have 15 emails telling you that  your new HDTV, Macbook, and other assorted goods have already shipped! Not cool.

Android users have really been out in the cold on this one. Yeah, there’s a few jury-rigged options, but they suck. C’mon, they do.

Well, it looks like the good little workers at Google included this sort of administration feature in Froyo, also known as Android 2.2. Don’t worry, if you haven’t heard of it, you may be an Android user NOT using a Nexus One.

The hard working folks at XDA-Developers have poked around and found out how to help us all benefit.

Go get it!


Author: TREVOR

Leukemia fighter. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.

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