Wanna help me make the best trip to SF?

Golden Gate Bridge at Dusk, Dedicated to My Good Friend Robert ScoblePalace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, California

I’m organizing a trip to San Francisco in the coming months. The wife and I are going to take the Amtrak train up to Emeryville and spend about a week in the City. Wanna help us visit all the right places? First, you could just comment on this post, and even include links to your recommendations. Or, you could reply to this Tweet or Buzz.

My hope is to have too many recommended spots. Can you do it?

When I’ve gathered together enough input, I’ll put all your recommended spots onto a custom Google Map. I’ll even open up that map, so you can add more spots.

San Francisco from a Cessna.  522-18  6-12-94

Where did I get this idea? Robert Scoble. From one nerd to another, thanks!


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5 thoughts on “Wanna help me make the best trip to SF?”

  1. I definitely agree with that the CA academy is a great place to go but there are also a ton of other museums and other places if you like those types of places…

    -De Young Museum
    -SF Museum of Modern Art
    -Asian Art Museum
    -Disney Museum

    Other places
    -The Presido has other stops and is a nice part of the city
    -Going down Lombard Street is touristy but there are lots of people that go to take pictures
    -Pier 39 is a tours trap like someone else mentioned, but the other piers are fun to explore too…like going to the Ferry building

    I don’t know what type of places you guys like to eat but some of my favorite trendy places in the city to eat are
    -La Mar (Cebeche)
    -Town Hall
    These places get pretty busy, but not with tourists. They have some great food

    Also if you guys like hiking Muir Woods in Marin is really nice too.


  2. Do the kids get to stay with us??????? Yes please …… Andy will call you and give you the tourist and non-tourist things. Any interest in going a little bit farther north? Fun!!!


  3. -Pier 39 (totally a tourist trap but fun anyway. You can go see the sea lions at the end of the pier.
    -Ghiradelli Square http://www.ghirardellisq.com/
    -The Ca Academy of Science is fun. We went there last week on family free day. It is about $30 on a regular day.
    -Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge

    Have fun! 🙂


  4. Definitely eat at Golden Boy Pizza in North Beach, which is also a good place to shoot. I’ll second Jeff’s recommendation of Academy of Sciences, but I always go with my kids who love it, so I’m not sure it would be as fun without kids.

    Jeff’s list is good, I’d add Sutro Baths, especially at sunset if there isn’t fog. China Town always makes for good photos, and the 30 Stockton is always an experience (bus route from North Beach thru China Town to downtown).

    Justin Herman Plaza and the waterfront from the Ferry Building toward the Bay Bridge is also cool.

    If a photowalk is in your plans, let us know!


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