I need advice on planning my camping menu…

OK peeps! I’m taking my oldest two boys camping this next week. We’re heading out for 3 days, and two nights. They’re 8 and 5 years old.

I could plan the same stuff, hotdogs and oatmeal, etc, but I’d love to consider something better. Something unique.

Remembering that they’re both young boys, do you all have any suggestions for me?


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7 thoughts on “I need advice on planning my camping menu…”

  1. Trevor,

    We used to do something we called hobo dinners. Put down a double layer of foil and put on a hamburger patty, some carrots, potatoes, celery and some cream of mushroom soup. Wrap it up tight in the foil. Then you can cook them on a BBQ or in a campfire. Similar to the hobo stew mentioned above but all contained in individual foil pouches.

    Have a great trip!


  2. Do like I do, just toss an MRE at ’em. If they’re hungry, they’ll eat. Then spend all the extra time you just saved on hiking, swimming, shooting, and all the other fun activities you can do while camping.


  3. Thank you both!

    I’m going to compile all the tips, here and on Facebook, I get and sit down with my wife to help select the best menu.

    The Dutch Oven is a must! I’m a huge fan of mine. I’ll most likely do a Mountain Man Breakfast on the first day.


    1. Well, Kevin, the recipe come right out of the recipe book that Lodge included with my Dutch Oven. It’s almost exactly like something I made back when I was in Scouts. I can’t find Lodge’s specific recipe online, but…

      This one is closest:

      This one is a nice alternative:

      And this one is from a BSA Troop:


  4. A dutch oven is great for letting little ones help make dinner. Lots of things can be done with a DO.

    If your boys like eggs at all, you could make omelets in a bag (quart-size freezer zip lock bag, 2 eggs, and any other omelet add-in, mix in a bag, put sealed up bags in boiling pot of water for about 13-15 minutes). I’d bring all the ingredients pre-prepared so there is minimal mess.

    Foil dinner meals are easy to do and some can be done before you leave. One instance I’ve seen is a hamburger patty between large slices of potato and other veggies tossed in. Double-wrap in tin foil then cook over charcoal briquettes until done. I’ve also done hot dogs and chili this way — for myself, make a foil pouch, put in 3 sliced up hot dogs and a can of Stagg chili. Good stuff!

    Hope that helps… if I think of anything else I’ll let you know.




  5. I’m not sure about unique, but my kids love organic chili and cornbread (the only non-GMO one I can find is Marie Callender’s original mix – not the low-fat one). You could also bring a bunch of pre-prepared stew ingredients (baby carrots, baby potatoes, chopped celery, meat of choice, barley, mushrooms, etc.) and an empty coffee can (or dutch oven, but coffee can is more fun 😉 and make hobo stew. If I can think of anything else, I’ll post – things are kinda crazy here right now so it’s hard to think. But have fun! 😀


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