Nexus One, the first month

My customized home screen

I took delivery of my Nexus One on 02/11/2010. You can read about that exciting day here.

Since then, I’ve loved having my Nexus One! It really is a great smartphone. Several features of the Android-based phone really are great, especially compared to my T-Mobile G1.

The speed. Compared to my old, and now very damaged, T-Mobile G1, this phone is on fire! I rarely wait for a menu feature, or a screen change. I know none of this is a scientific opinion. Accepting that, this Nexus One breaks records! In fact, I find that it’s snappier than my iPod Touch, which has my entire iTunes library of 27 Gb’s of media. I notice this most often when navigating the Gallery, full of photos, and when I use Google Maps.

The touchscreen. On the old T-Mobile G1, I felt like the touchscreen was an afterthought. In fact, it was not only a lower quality screen, but it was not really accurate. When I started using the Nexus One, I had habits from the G1 that forced me to use the trackball more often than I needed. It took a few days to adapt back to depending on the touchscreen to actually work well. It does.

Nexus One, Main WindowNexus One, GMaps Navigation

The camera. My very first dSLR camera was a Nikon D40. This little camera came with a 6 megapixel processor. This sweet little Nexus One has a 5 megapixel camera. Yes, I know that the sensors are quite different, but it cannot be ignored that very few mobile phones have that high of quality camera. With the built-in LED flash, and Android’s decent list of photo processing apps, I like it a lot! (I’ll address photo apps in a future post.)

The display. The amazingly bright (and dark) display is gorgeous! Even just watching a high res video on YouTube is quite nice. It helps when trying to gently process a photo, and when surfing the web. I’ve been trying to keep up on a few photography video podcasts, and switching from my iPod Touch to the Nexus One is a serious upgrade.

Google Maps/Navigation. OK, this one is worthy of the entire upgrade. Of course, the combined package of a good touchscreen, display, and processor make this work as it should, but this feature/app best demonstrates the immense ability of this smartphone. And the most recent upgrades that integrated the Buzz features, navigation, and voice recognition in the search are awesome. I will say that I didn’t really care when the Android folks added multitouch. It didn’t seem like it was all that important, until I started using Google Maps on my Nexus One. I don’t even know if my Garmin GPS has good batteries in it anymore. Why? Because all I need is my Nexus One! I can’t wait for a decent car mount for it. (I have a nice RAM Mount system, for use with my Garmin. I don’t like the universal mounts, so I’m waiting until they release one for the Nexus One.)

Nexus One, Driving Window

Now, even thought I laud the amazingness of this sweet nano-computer, there are a few issues I have with it…

The storage space. This would be a real issue, if the Nexus One didn’t have a microSD slot. Now all that limits me is my willingness to purchase a properly sized card. Right now I’m sporting a 4 Gb card, and that allows me to sync about 6 or 7 albums, from iTunes. That’s not really enough for my spontaneous desires, so I’m hoping to drop down for at least a 16 Gb soon.

Inability to directly sync with iTunes. You may have caught my mention of iTunes above. Don’t freak out, I cannot sync my Nexus One directly with iTunes. In fact, I’m planning on writing a post about that soon. But on the surface, this is a problem. People want their tech to simply work, right away. Being forced to use two apps to accomplish one task will deter most people.

So, here’s my first month’s review. Over all, the Nexus One has enhanced my ability to be more efficient in communicating with people and in documenting important milestones in my life. And that’s really the goal for adding any new tech to your life; making it better. In my life, the use of technology is really just about finding a better tool. I believe I have purpose in life, and the use of my time is a stewardship issue in satisfying my purpose.

Take a look at my small screenshot set of my Nexus One.

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