CLEAN YOUR RIFLE, you maggot!

Last year I picked up an awesome addition to my arsenal; a Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle. Since I live in Kalifornia, owning a more traditional .223 choice is quite difficult. Yeah, I can try to skirt the current law with a few choices, but I just didn’t want to go that route. I had spent a few years looking at my choices, and decided that the Mini-14 would serve my needs wonderfully.

When I picked it up, it leaned against the inner wall of my gun cabinet for months before I had the opportunity to actually shoot it. It was great, and a lot of fun when I finally did take it out. I put 3 boxes of .223 through it, and brought it home. I can’t recall why I didn’t clean it that evening. Generally, I’m quite responsible with cleaning my firearms after use. It ended up sitting and sitting. Then I forgot. Shame.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to get out with my oldest boy, codenamed Sniper. He’s 8 years old now, and ready to push on from just shooting my old 22 bolt action rifle. I had seen a good friend take his son of similar age out hunting for rabbits, with a Mini-14, and decided that my Sniper was probably ready for mine.

We hit the The San Luis Obispo Sportsmen’s Association, just past San Luis Obispo, for some trigger time. This post isn’t about that shooting time, it deserves a post of its own. I may not get to it, very busy this weekend!

My Sniper put 10 rounds of .223 through the Mini-14 with great excitement and success. Every round hit the target, at 25 yards. Not bad for an 8 year old’s first time.

When we got home, I started to put the firearms away, and realized that I needed to leave them out, to clean them later. Late in the evening, after everyone had gone to bed, I broke out all the cleaning gear. I started with my Smith & Wesson M&P. It was in GREAT need of a cleaning. Next I tackled the Mini-14.

As I sat there, I realized that I really didn’t quite know the proper way to field strip this year old rifle. I had owned this beauty for almost a year, and I had no idea how to take it apart. Lame! Much shame!

Sitting there, it hit me I have this sweet mobile phone sitting right next to me, doing nothing. I grabbed my Nexus One, and navigated to the YouTube app. An easy little search, and walla, I found the official Tips videos from Ruger. They produced their very own little videos, showing us ignorant owners just how to care for our beautiful rifles!

I started watching the first video I needed, “Ruger Mini-14 Disassembly”, right there on my mobile. The host guided me through disassembling all the right stuff, including a couple of good tips. I kept gun oil off my left little finger, to hit pause and play with. It worked great! Below are all three videos that helped me the best!

Mini-14 Disassembly

Mini-14 Cleaning

Mini-14 Reassembly


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3 thoughts on “CLEAN YOUR RIFLE, you maggot!”

  1. It seem’s that many people who fire weapon’s these day’s, do not clean there Weapon’s after firing. My 1st Squad Leader in the Military always made us clean our weapon’s after coming out of the filed or after a fire fight. But, these days you have to pull teeth to get people to clean there rifle’s. I even heard that many people take there weapon’s to Gun store for cleaning. WTF, if you never clean YOUR weapon how will you maintain it in an emergency???


  2. Andrée,
    The Mini-14 is a wonderful rifle. You can get the traditional ranch rifle look, with the wood stock, or a more tactical looking version with the black polymer stock.

    The wood is heavier, but less scary to gun-fearing folks.

    Mine is the wood stock.

    Oh, and field-stripping a Mini-14 has a significantly smaller number of parts than an AR-15. Just a thought.

    Your welcome.

    (Don’t forget to post photos, when you get yours!)


  3. sigh
    I have a small squirrel rifle. But I want a .22 (for the next coyote that wants to eat any more cats. Or fisher cats for that matter, too). Then I saw this disassembly video. J was watching over my shoulder and now he says that the Ruger is for me. How much you wanna bet that I’ll have to clean it if he gets me one? That I’ll lose parts and get lost? That disputes will pop up in our peaceful home? I don’t know if I should thank you or not.


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