The Nexus One unboxing…

For the 5, non-family, readers of my blog, you’re probably already aware of my passionate plea for help in replacing my very broken T-Mobile G1. Thank you to the 6 generous folks who helped it happen!

Well, today my replacement phone arrived!

It’s none other than Google’s latest and greatest Android powered phone, the Nexus One!

What follows is my brief unboxing of the phone, and several great shots I have of the experience. In the coming days and weeks I’ll be releasing a variety of reviews of the new phone. I plan on reviewing several focused aspects of the phone; like use of the camera, gaming, mobile browsing, and social networking.

To see the entire photo-set of the unboxing, just go here. Below are a few of the highlights:

Happy FedEx guy

Look what's inside!

Android 2.1-update1

My customized home screen


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