I’m lovin’ our new Polaroid PoGo!

I’ll get the important news out first. My wife, Deanna, found this product. She found it reading some blog, I don’t know which  one.

I checked it out and discovered that Amazon was offering it in black for $30, w/ free delivery! Boo-yah! We quickly ordered it, and waited impatiently for it to arrive, today. It’s the Polaroid PoGo. Go get one now!

It didn’t take much to get it charged, paper installed, and paired with the iMac and our G1/Android phones. This thing runs on it’s battery and can accept photos sent to it via Bluetooth. Sweet!

So I took a few photos of it, of course.

Here’s the first photo transferring from our iMac:

Bluetooth File Exchange

Then, here’s a cool animation I put together, of it printing that photo:


And lastly, here’s a pair of shots of the final product:

Polaroid PoGo #1 Polaroid PoGo print

So, if I haven’t made it clear enough, we love this inexpensive little thing. I highly recommend that you go get one for yourself!

Here’s a link to Amazon:

Sorry folks, I really failed to include some important details on the PoGo. First off, if you want this sweet little thing for use with your iPhone, plan on jailbreaking said iPhone. Also, if you check out Polaroid’s compatibility page, you’ll see that it’s not compatible any Android phones. Not true at all! The polaroid folks didn’t take into consideration that us open-source smartphone users can simply have an app made to offer up increased functionality! Yeah, that means there’s an app in the Android Market for “bluetooth file transfer”. Just search for that phrase, or go here, and use the QR code in the sidebar.


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4 thoughts on “I’m lovin’ our new Polaroid PoGo!”

  1. Thanks for the tip on the Hallmark frame. I was thinking about hitting Michael’s for some other frame ideas.

    Also, I’m considering printing out my 4 kids, and sticking them to a piece of black foam core. Might make a cool, cheap, presentation.


  2. I have one of these and now that the ZINK paper is much cheaper I can use it all the time. The nice thing about it is that the paper is small enough to be put inside those hallmark ornament frames. I take this and my Xshot with me to conventions to give people on the spot custom business cards with photos taken with me.


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