Palo Alto Photowalk

Hey folks, back on the 16th of October, I met up with a decent-sized group of photowalkers. We had tactically chosen downtown Palo Alto for our little meetup.

Over 30 folks showed up in the early evening, with sundown threatening to darken our whole event. No problem, since downtown Palo Alto is loaded with great neon and other lighting.

Here’s a simple slideshow of all the current photos from that fun day!


Author: TREVOR

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5 thoughts on “Palo Alto Photowalk”

  1. Dude! You’re fast!

    The post hadn’t even officially “saved” before I saw your comment.

    Yeah, I love that slideshow feature. You need to get the photos you want, most likely by pulling up the page with the correct tag. On this occasion, I chose to view the page with the “photowalking101609” tag.

    Then in the upper right corner, click “slideshow”. Once the slideshow loads, click on “share” in the upper right-hand corner. And, walla!


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