What have I been up to?

So, this past week I’ve been kinda freed up. “How’s that?”, you may ask.

Well, first I’ve been taking a simple fast from Facebook and Twitter. I originally considered the entire internet, but I’m afraid the withdrawals would have put me in the hospital. It’s actually been kinda cool. A few times I started off to do something and immediately considered how cute I’d tweet the upcoming experience. But then I’d remember my fast.

However, I did struggle most of the morning today. Today was the day that it was announced that our illustrious President was being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. I’d love to post all kinds of funny things, but I missed it cause I’m not on Facebook. I’ll let you all have the fun, cause I missed it.

I got a cool new iPod touch, just before I went on the FB/Twit-fast. It’s cool. I posted a few screen shots from apps I like on my Flickr page. Here’s one from a cool app called Assassin’s Creed:

Assassin's Creed

What else? Well, I’ve added a couple of cool pages to this blog. Look above, on the tabs just under the blog title. You’ll see two new ones, Shared Items and Photowalking. The Shared Items page is a constantly updating page of my shared items from Google Reader. I subscribe to 219 blogs, and I MUST use a sweet app like Google Reader to manage them all.

The Photowalking page is dedicated to the multi-year effort myself and many others have made to getting the word out to the awesome activity that is photowalking. I have managed and owned the Photowalking.org website since March, 2007. Since that time I’ve helped many others get photowalking groups started in their area. There are groups in Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Washington, and many others. There’s also groups in a few countries around the world as well. When I launched Photowalking.org not too many people had heard of “photowalking”. Many photographers had been doing it, just not calling it, “photowalking”. Since then thousands of people have joined in the fun!

I’ve decided to bring my influence, through Photowalking.org, to a close. I’ve had fun, and it has introduced me to some wonderful people. Unfortunately, I think it has run it’s course. I’m not sad. In fact, I’m blessed to have been a part of the early days of the photowalking trend.

So as a little homage to the once proud Photowalking.org, I’ll keep the Photowalking page running above. The URL will eventually roll over to it as well.

What else? Well, I’ve settled back into night shift, at work. I’ve always liked the  night shift. Most importantly, it has freed up my Sunday’s for church. Yeah! I’ve really missed our new church.

Element Church is completely awesome! Pastor Aaron teaches from the actual Bible, kinda foreign to some churches in America these days. He also is relevant, without watering down the message. Just wonderful. I’ve been enjoying all the new people I’m getting to know. Hopefully over the next few months, we can connect with even more. We’ll also be connecting with folks in a small group soon. Yeah!

Our move to the Central Coast has really been wonderful for us. Not only is our church great, but we’re really enjoying the new scenery, much better weather, slower lifestyle, and the rest it affords. I think we’ll stay.

With the holiday season coming up, we’re expecting some good travel, since we don’t live near any of our family. So, if you live near our extended family, we might just be in your area in the coming months. Keep watch for us on Facebook and Twitter, if you want to catch us.


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