Shooting a concert? What?

So, the wife and I are hitting a concert this weekend. We’re looking forward to it for many reasons. The one that is causing me to blog about it is that I’ll be shooting it. Duh!

Thinking about it, I’ve never really tried to photograph a concert. Harsh lighting. Long distances. Moving targets. What’s a photog to do?

What did I do? I hit the google, and rassled up a few good articles. Some from a few already known, and solid, sources. Rather than try to imply that I know what I’m talking about, or pass of someone else’s article, I thought I’d just link to all their well done articles.


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4 thoughts on “Shooting a concert? What?”

  1. Sorry Bryan. I did see several of your concert sets. In fact, I perused them in gathering ‘intelligence’ for my own shots tonight.

    We went to see Sugarland and Keith Urban. Yeah, I like country!


  2. Blast, none of my posts showed up on a Google search? Bah, I forgot to send them a check. 😉

    Have a great time at the concert! (Which one are you going to, by the way?)


  3. Thanks Johnny. It’s funny that you mentioned Zach. I’m interviewing him for my other blog,

    Yeah, I’ve seen his work. I even have his awesome lighting DVD. He’s really good.


  4. Trevor, I think I read that @zarias has been doing music groups in Atlanta for a few years.
    but most of what I see there is portrait work of music groups, not the actual concerts, so that is not helpful.


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