About 10 years ago, this old friend of mine named Brad introduced me to his girlfriend.  Honestly, some of the details are sketchy. I thought I had remembered them correctly, but when discussing it, I think I had remembered it wrong.

Anyways, I met Brad’s girlfriend, Stephanie. That I know.

Fast forward several years, and Brad is married to her. I’m married too, to Deanna.

It can be difficult to maintain friendships, over long distances, these days. But, with the likes of Facebook, and blogging, and such, we’re able to interact a lot more. So, we’ve continued to get to know Brad and Stephanie. They’re cool. I like them.

Track with me now, or you’re gonna loose me.

Brad comes from a small group of friends that hung out in college. There was a variety of us, always fluctuating our numbers. The point is that we all worked hard at keeping in touch after we left APU. Three years ago, we organized a short trip up to Mammoth Lakes, during the summer. We hiked, played Xbox 360, and generally were lazy. It was good fun, and we decided to do it again. This summer marks the third year of this Man Trip.

So, through all this, I’ve paid attention to Brad, Stephanie, and their marriage, raising of their two boys, and their commitment to the Lord. No doubt, this family loves God, and passionately wants to serve Him.

It’s clear that Brad is the kind of hard-working man that many men only wish they could become. He is strong in character and work ethic. Very few men I know can compare to him as a husband and a father.

Stephanie too is a committed wife. She clearly works hard to care for her home, nurturing her boys (including Brad), creating an environment most of you women reading yearn to provide.

These are admirable people. The Lord has blessed them with obedience.

So, fast forward to today. Brad and Stephanie have been blessed with two healthy boys. They care for them and provide for them. In the midst of this blessing, the Lord has lead them to desire to raise yet another child. I’ll spare you with stealing the details of that decision. You can read the whole story at their blog. This blog tells the story of their journey towards adopting an international orphan. The organization they are using had what appeared to be a stressful selection process. Maybe they’re all that way, I don’t know.

But they have been given the go-ahead, and they’ve also been awarded a sizable grant to help ease the process.

However, they still have a decent amount of money to raise. So, without further adieu, I’d like to encourage you to head over to the Brad and Stephanie Gerards family blog, Adoption Mission: Possible. Read their story. They already have several posts, so you can go back and read several months worth of content.

Then, when you see the vision, and are just as excited about their new adventure as I am, hit the DONATE button on the right column. It’s really easy, just click it and you swept away to PayPal. Making a donation at PayPal is quite easy. It’s easier than buying a new book or DVD from Amazon. In fact, why don’t you skip this month’s online purchases, and do the Gerards a favor. Send them what you would have spent on all that crap you don’t need!


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