You can buy me…

I just thought I’d mention to you all that there’s a sweet camera I’d love to have some day.

I’m not looking to replace my dSLR, nor to meet every photographic need. I simply want a nice, semi-compact, high end camera that I can carry around when I don’t want the complexity of the dSLR and all the lenses.

The Leica family of cameras are amazing. They’re not for everyone, for sure. But, the first time you pick one up, and simply click the shutter release, you very well maybe cursed for ever. The curse is because Leicas are outrageously priced.

I have a fun, metal, small SLR for film, so I’m interested in Leica’s digital offerings. With a little bit of curiosity, I’ve chosen the M8 as the one I want. Why? Well, it’s not as high priced as some of the newer M8’s, but still able to use the standard Leica M-mount for lenses. It’s also small enough to carry along without too much effort. I won’t be forced to bring a large bag for it.

Anyway, that is all. The next time you’re feeling generous, hit B&H, (or some other vendor), and pick one up for me. Don’t forget a lens. Voigtlander makes a few affordable ones. Thanks.


Author: TREVOR

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