The patch you wish you could wear…

So, my pal Evan, serving in the United States Army, currently deployed to A-stan (Afghanistan), just requested some cool ideas for funny military patches. His example is the word “NINJA”, in the form of a Ranger Tab.

I googled around, and found several really funny ones. Some involve not-so-appropriate-words, so I’ve tried to skew them a bit. Please, please, please, share your own ideas in the comments below.

Let me give you a bit of background. The military switched their battle uniforms back in 2005. Read the Wikipedia article for more info. Not all branches made the switch at the same time, and even lately I’ve seen a handful of Air Force personnel wearing the old woodland camo BDU.

Anyway, the photo to the right is the Army’s current ACU (Army Combat Uniform).

The “Ranger Tab” is a small patch worn on the left shoulder by an Army soldier who has completed the US Army Ranger School. The soldier need not be assigned to a Ranger Unit in order to wear the tab. In fact, they’ll get to wear it for the remainder of their military career.

Ok, so on with the patches. All are funny, none are approved. Here’s a great place to buy several of the ones below. What can you come up with?


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