Me, live!

So, earlier this week Qik released their mobile app for the Android platform. If you’ve been under a rock this past year, then you wouldn’t know that I’m sporting a sweet T-Mobile G1 phone, that runs Android. So of course I immediately downloaded the app and got it up and running. Bummer was that it took me a couple of days to find something worth filming.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Qik allows you to share live video from your mobilephone. Yeah, you read that right! Live video!

I’m currently working on the final stages of a paint job for a cool new gun cabinet. With just one coat of silver paint on the door, I thought I’d take a short video. At first, I couldn’t get the Qik app to work, so I went ahead and recorded it with the built-in camcorder app. I posted that to YouTube, to test it all out. Kinda cool. My first real mobile camera recording from my mobilephone.

A few kinks later, I got the Qik app working. So I recorded a short clip. The reviews I’ve read indicated that it clips off the first few and last few seconds. This is true for me.

Below are the YouTube and Qik videos, in that order. If you bookmark you’ll be able to see any future live videos. Cool!


Huh. Watching the Qik video kinda sucks! Yeah, it clipped out about 8 seconds of content. I knew it was choppy, but that’s bad.

I’m not sure how often I’ll need/want live video from my mobilephone, so we’ll just keep that one as an in-a-pinch tool.

In the mean time, I think I’ll stick with recording it, sharing it with Twidroid (which auto posts to Twitter), and uploading directly to YouTube.


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