What’s next? I can’t decide, will you help me?

Much is being debated and discussed today. First we had the news that Barry Obama is planning to nominate Sonia Sotomayor to the US Supreme Court. Then we learned that the California State Supreme Court ruled on their consideration over the constitutionality of last November’s Proposition 8, the one that clarified that marriage is only between one man and one woman, in California.

I’m not interested in debating those issues here. I jumped in the maelstrom this morning, on Facebook, and quickly got sick of it all.

So, I thought I’d change my aim this afternoon, and tell you all about my current dilemma. Which gun should I get next? I have decided on three. Each is very different. My last purchase was made mostly because it was so affordable. But, now it’s time to fulfill a couple of other slots in the necessary arsenal.

I have no shotgun. I have no CQC carbine rifle. I have no full-sized semi-auto handgun.

Yes, yes, I know that most of you will quickly tell me to get some kind of AR-15 next. I’ve heard it before, “Get one because Barry’s gonna ban them again.” Well, I don’t like the .223. Don’t argue with me on this, I just want more punch. That’s it. I actually want a 7.62 caliber carbine of some sort. I also want something that doesn’t scare away all the black-rifle-haters. (FYI, I reject the idea that some firearms are “assault” variants and others are plain. I prefer the term firearm.)

I’ll start with the handgun. I want a 1911. I was considering a compact model, but I already have a compact handgun. There are a gazillion 1911 manufacturers, but not all have a good reputation. I’ve read up, and quizzed many for their opinions. I have selected Kimber, and their basic model, the Custom II. These are easily had for well under $1000, and have a good reputation. I don’t need or want many of the features on their higher end models.

The next on my list is the shotgun. I really like the Remington 870 line. It’s what many law enforcement agencies use, as does mine. They’re comfortable, and reliable. The action is over a half-century old. It simply works. There’s a part of me that wants a side-by-side or an over-under model, but those are mostly valuable for hunting. I’d want my shotgun to be primarily a home-defense weapon. Plus, the racking of a shell is the universal sign of “get out of my house!” These can be had for outrageously low prices on every-other-month sales at Big 5.

Lastly, I’m looking at the Springfield Armory M1A as my CQC carbine. No pistol grip, and a wood stock makes it look less like those big scary black rifles, the cowards in our society are so scared of. Plus, this is the grandchild of the beloved M-1 Garand, that many many great Americans used in several wars of past. This rifle is based on the M-14, which is based on the M-1. Great lineage! It’s completely California legal, with the ditching of the flash suppressor and adding a muzzlebreak. They can come this way from the factory. Sweet!

So, what are your thoughts?


Author: TREVOR

Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.

5 thoughts on “What’s next? I can’t decide, will you help me?”

  1. I own 1911’s out the wahoo, all brands and Kimber is the only one that will shoot all
    the different ammo’s without a hiccup. I own a M1A and it is more of a gun that all
    the other semi-auto’s I have ever owned and most of the bolts….The Kimber and the
    M1A are the most accurate or all the guns I own….and no more expensive. Enjoy


  2. Thanks for the Taurus 1911 recommendation, Page! I hadn’t considered their offerings.

    I’d prefer a 12 gauge, and only lean Remington 870 because of my current experience with them. Both the 870 and an entry-level Mossberg are available for dirt cheap prices at Big-5.

    The M1A carbine is not really for home defense. That’s the shotgun. I want a nice auto-loading rifle for more end-of-the-world scenarios. Plus, who doesn’t want a 7.62, huh really?


  3. I guess it depends on what you need the most. I have a Mossberg pump 20ga. that I never use. I don’t have a carbine either. Would probably go with .223 for home defense. I don’t want rounds going through my house and my neighbors’ houses when someone breaks into mine. I would go with the 1911. I have a Taurus PT1911 that was the best deal I could find when researching a 1911. It has been working great for me. I have probably only put 500 rounds through it so I’m not a heavy user. I’ve had 2 misfires with handloaded ammo. I think I paid $465 for it.


  4. Yeah Josh, I’ve seen those Taurus Judge’s advertised in Guns and Ammo. Seems interesting. I’m sure it’s a good option. Having a .410 shotgun shell in a revolver really rocks!

    Thanks for the wisdom on the Kimber. The only thing is that almost all new 1911, including the Colt Model 70, cost about the same as Kimber’s basic model. Kimber’s Custom II is their most basic model, without all the bells and whistles. It costs around $850 new.


  5. Trevor, I know you listed three that your choosing from but as a member of the military and an avid shooter may I recommend the Taurus Judge instead. I do love a 1911 and you can’t beat the stopping power of a .45, nor can you compete with an 870’s tried and true reliability, but if your looking for a home defense weapon you just can’t beat a Judge. It’s a revolver that shoots .410 shotgun shells. Absolutely awesome home defense gun because it has the handleability and easy of manuevering and aiming of a handgun but packs the punch of a shotgun. The bonus is that is your shooting bird loads then you’ll kill someone in your hallway without worrying about a round going through a wall in hitting your kids…. So while I do own many a rifle,shotgun and handgun if I was giving advice to one of my family members or friends I’ll tell them to get a Judge.

    P.S. Kimbers are sweet guns but you don’t need to pay any extra… just get a stock 1911 if you’re going to go that route and you won’t be sorry. Don’t pay extra for a worked trigger and fancy grips, Kimbers are made for competitors not home defense.


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