A pair of Mother’s Day gifts…

Mother's DayMother's Day

Several months ago, Deanna came across a sweet idea she wanted us to recreate for Mother’s Day. She’s a MASSIVE fan of Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman. Ree is friends with this guy named Ryan, who’s blog she also follows. The project was Ryan’s.

When it came time to organize the work for this project, we scheduled a whole afternoon, after church. Our first plan was to head out to the Guadalupe Dunes, and photograph all over the smooth sand dunes. One problem, some lame bird is protected out there, and all summer long the entirety of the dunes is closed off to human access. Gotta love them tree-huggers!

So, that idea was destroyed. No problem, I can adapt!

On the way out there, I passed this sweet old barn. So we headed back to the barn, just off the PCH. I set up my guerrilla lighting and one at a time, the kids jumped out of the car and ran over to me at the barn. I shot about 20 frames each, of the kids making all sorts of funny poses.

These were the best four:


We didn’t want the same shot for each set, so we headed northward. My back up plan included hwy 166, just over the San Luis Obispo county line.

Following the 166, for several miles, you increase in elevation and continue along in the rolling hills that make the Central Coast so beautiful. I didn’t have any specific location in mind, I just knew that we’d fine at least one good place. And, just around a bend, we saw it. A nice country road, with the most gorgeous place to get out and wander a bit.

That’s where I shot these four:

The PrincessThe SniperThe WookieeThe Joker

So, all in all it turned out to be a really great day of taking photos. I had a great time, and I think the kids did too. We took several other poses in a few different locations. You can see them all at my Flickr Photoset of them all.


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4 thoughts on “A pair of Mother’s Day gifts…”

  1. Thanks, Chris.

    No doubt the Snowy Plover is a pretty little thing. I just wish that we could have a little common sense infused into the situation. The Fatheads should figure out a way for us all to benefit from the Dunes. Balance, not imbalance, is what’s desired.


  2. This is a brilliant idea, Trevor. It’s been filed away for a possible rip-off when mother’s day rolls around in the UK.

    …oh and the Lame Bird is one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see. 😉


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