Today I’m announcing a fantastic new adventure!

DSC_7863I want you all to know that over the past few weeks, I’ve been seriously considering a wonderful new adventure for me and my family.

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by Jim Messina, one of the Deputy Chiefs of Staff to President Obama. He informed me of the President’s desire to reach out to conservative, white Americans. He feels deeply that he hasn’t connected with us, at all. So, he is assembling a team of us, white, conservative Americans, to join his staff and work to help better communicate his vision for a better America.

President Obama has great things in store for America. Over the course of the next few months, we will begin to see some massive changes to the America of our youth. Before you know it, America will have become something you’ve never even dreamed about!

So, dCoS Messina put me in touch with Joshua DuBois, the head of the Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Mr. DuBois will be heading up this new team of Anglo Christians. We will be called the Strategic Assembly of Anglo Outreach. Being a person of reformed theology, I’m concerned about the use of the term, Assembly, since it so closely resembles the Assemblies of God denomination. But, Josh assures me that there have been more Calvinists chosen for the team, it should be balanced.

Anyway, back to my future. I have decided to accept the offer to be the director of the Strategic Assembly of Anglo Outreach. We’ll be moving to the Washington, D.C. area over the next few weeks, and I’ll be starting my new job, in the Executive Office of the President on May 1st, 2009.

Look for me in an upcoming press release and press conference, from the west wing!

Oh…and…um…April Fools!


Author: TREVOR

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3 thoughts on “Today I’m announcing a fantastic new adventure!”

  1. I didn’t get around to reading this until April 5th. I must have read a couple of paragraphs before I had to glance up to see when this was posted.

    ’tis a good bit of creative writing, indeed. You got a big grin out of me!

    BTW, I met you at the Neon Photowalk in Sac. I knew that you were a Christian and that we shared similar political leanings, but I didn’t know you were a Calvinist, too!



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