Death Valley update…

Hey all! Are you coming to the Death Valley Photo-thingy this weekend?

So, I failed to do a good job of letting everyone know a few details last week. Sorry. Here’s the basics…

If you need to contact me, try my mobile: 805-490-6255. Let’s meet at 6pm (1800 hours), at the Park Headquarters. Below is the map:


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5 thoughts on “Death Valley update…”

  1. Hey ya’ll! Great weekend! Make sure to tag your photos with, “deathvalleyphotowalk042009”. That will make it easy for us all to find each other’s photos.


  2. We’ll be there! Can’t wait. Between studying different books, going through boxes in search of old photos, and getting into the research, I feel like I’ll need to stay a month to cover all the territory sufficiently.


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