I just can’t stand it any longer…

As I sit here and watch our nation’s leadership systematically destroy the next 50 if not 100 years of America’s potential, I have become more and more saddened. It is such a jaw-dropping series of idiotic decisions, all supposed to do good.

You know, with Bubba, I genuinely felt like he was so arrogant and power hungry. I just knew that he loved the power. With The One though, I’m just not so sure. Is he so diluted that he really believes that his policy changes are good for us? Or, is he just loving all the power, and will work hard to structure our nation so that he remains in power for a long time?

He’s bringing home the troops from Iraq. I don’t like it, but I can accept that. An unstable Iraq will eventually come back to bite us in the butt. But, he’ll be long gone by then. Of course his policies will still be hurting us, but he’ll be gone.

He’s slowly going to nationalize our medical care. I don’t like it, but I can deal with it. I’m a working American, so at least I’ll be able to afford some form of care that’s better than the crap our government will provide. (Anyone heard of Kaiser Permanente? That’s just a taste of the DMV meets your local doctor’s visit you’re in store for.)

He’s excited that Bush started the nationalization process, with the banking industry. So, he’s going to keep that pattern going strong, with adding more and more to the table. OK, I can figure out how to deal with that.

As The One’s first term progresses, I’m sure there will be more and more encroachment going on. Our rights are slowly being taken from us, I get it. I can deal with it.

But, when he’s done screwing up our country, and initiating policies that have violated every right he can imagine, what will we have left? How will we be able to deal with it?

The Second Amendment, that’s how.

That right, recognized, not awarded, by the Second Amendment is our right to own and possess firearms. It was included in the Bill of Rights for one purpose. It is not there to allow us to hunt. It is not there so that the military will have guns. It is there so that each individual, law abiding citizen is recognized in their right to own firearms. It is there so that men (and women) can be prepared if circumstances required the organization of a militia. It is there so that my wife can be prepared to defend herself and our children, if someone tried to hurt them, whilst I’m at work. It is there to recognize my right to life.

You see, all would agree that I have the right to life (unless I’m a fetus). I have the right to live. Few would try to argue that I don’t have that right. Well then, why don’t all also agree that I have the right to defend my life? Since it’s recognized that I have the right to live, and the right to defend my life, why should I be forced to use your definition of how I should defend my life?

What if 5 armed idiots try to enter my home illegally, for a home-invasion robbery? Why is Eric Holder’s opinion that I only be allowed a hunting rifle the right firearms choice? Why shouldn’t I be allowed to legally own and possess an AR-15? When those 5 armed idiots come pounding through my front door, I should be allowed to have chosen the right gun for the right occasion! I choose the AR-15! Or maybe even an AK-47!

Why do you get to decide, “Oh, that’s black and had more than 10 round! Ah, that’s scary! You can’t have it to defend your home and family.”

You don’t.

donkeySo, when I read that The One, and his shining star, Eric Holder, are starting up the talks again about taking away, incrementally, my right to own, posses, and possibly use the firearm of my choice, I get angry. Don’t tell me that he’s not going to take away my guns.

I’m not angry because the Second Amendment is somehow more special than any of the other rights recognized by the Bill of Rights. I’m angry because the Second Amendment is what guarantees all the other rights!

Look, what would we do if an elected official actually suspended the rollover, to a newly elected government? What would we do if this official actually began the process of staying in power, after their time was up? Much like what we see happen in countries like Cuba, Venezuela, and the former Iraq. Elections are actually held in those countries! It’s just that the nutjob in power always gets 100% of the vote.

What would we do if that happened here? We’d expect others to step in and take care of it for us, wouldn’t we?

Well, get up off your lazy butt and stop expecting someone else to “do it for you”!

It’s no one’s job to defend our rights, but our own!

The Second Amendment is there, to help enforce the others. Don’t forget that.


Author: TREVOR

Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.

5 thoughts on “I just can’t stand it any longer…”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Raoul!

    The next time you’re on the West Coast, we’ll plan a trip to the local range! I’ll teach you all you need to know, and let you try out anything in my arsenal.


  2. Trevor, I have never owned a gun or shot one, but I don’t agree with taking away peoples’ rights to own a gun, especially when they’re built into the Bill of Rights and were the explicit wish of the founders of the US. It’s wrong. I have my misgivings about guns, but if a responsible citizen wants to own a gun, he or she should be able to do so.


  3. You’re absolutely right, BW! No doubt, this is not an issue of Repub/Demo, it’s an issue of Constitutionality. Unfortunately, it used to be easy to know which party respected the US Constitution as a rock solid document, to be applied…Or an elastic document to be stretched and pulled to fit over the worldview-de jeur.

    I have wondered that as the lines of conservative and liberal start to misalign themselves with the labels Republican and Democrat, if we’ll see new parties emerge, or the existing ones dramatically change?

    Joanie, I also agree with you on Barry’s ill-preparedness for the job at hand. Many warned of this, during the election. It was even an issue with many Demo’s, who were supporting other candidates.


  4. My big problem with Obama is that he’s woefully unprepared for his job. His recent lack of preparedness for British officials proved that, as well as his tunnel vision for all things domestic policy and nothing foreign policy. He also, along with many politicians, has no real understanding of the healthcare system in the U.S. He keeps saying he’s going to make it better, but he fails to grasp the idea that as bad as it seems, we’re light years ahead of other countries. As a nurse, this is a sore subject. Put healthcare even further into the hands of politicians and we’ll all be getting colonoscopies without the benefit of adequate tools or preparation and absolutely no end report.

    Just my two cents.


  5. Just remember that the import ban was brought about by Bush Sr. and Shrub said that he’d sign the assault weapon ban extension if it crossed his desk. This is not necessarily a partisan issue. It is a Constitutional issue.


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