Yet another roadtrip!

Coming up later this spring, we’re taking another road trip!

We’ll be hitting the road, with our curling team, pointed towards Eastern Texas. I have family out there, and one of my cousins is graduating from high school. Plus, it’s just time for a good road trip.

On this trip, we’re hoping to see a few nice things along the way. There area a handful of sights to see between Southern California and Eastern Texas, just a few.

I’m blogging this now, because I’m hoping that you all might want to interject your own ideas. For the easy route, comment below and give me your tips. For the committed, take the time to check out the Google Map I’ve made, and even add your own placemarks.

Just email me at trevor {at}, and I’ll “permit” you to collaborate on the map. It’s that easy!

Look, I’m interested in some real interaction here. So, if you know a great drive-in, or some sweet little museum, PLEASE, PLEASE, let me know! I want this trip to really rock!

Of course I’ll be taking massive amounts of photographs. And I’ll share them all with you, on flickr, when I return. (Maybe even a few whilst on the road.)


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4 thoughts on “Yet another roadtrip!”

  1. Make a slight dip into Cimarron Canyon, New Mexico (just south of Raton Pass). Between that area and Eagle’s Nest, there’s some breathtaking scenery that shouldn’t be missed.


  2. Harley, I really, really wanted to do that. However, I’m concerned that this will extend our roadtrip a bit too much. With 4 kids under 10, my wife, and I, we may be ready to hurt each other by then. Thanks though.

    I’d like to hit Moab as a photog trip, like the Death Valley trip I’m planning for April. Maybe next year or even later this year in the Fall/Winter.


  3. Rather than heading south at four corners, head north towards Moab. Checkout Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef and Zion National Parks. It’ll just whet your appetite for southern Utah.


  4. Well, I’m kind of between Dallas and Denton on the map. Carlsbad Caverns is not far off the blue route, I think. If you detour there, allow an extra day, and then you should be able to drive straight to Midland if you wish. Take a lightweight tripod or monopod along. Your blue route also skirts the Big Bend area, one of the most scenic spots in Texas.

    If you don’t mind another detour, take a stop in Austin, home of our state capitol and The University of Texas. You’ll also find some very good beer down there. 😉 Check out my Flickr Austin set. Lots of neon downtown and some very cool buildings. However, if you’re going through there during SXSW, hotel rooms will be very expensive and hard to find.

    If you go through Dallas, stop downtown. Reunion Tower (of course) is a big landmark, but there’s also Thanksgiving Square, a smallish multi-denominational place for prayer and reflection. Go in the tower and look up. Cameras on stun! Downtown is also home to Dealey Plaza and the JFK Memorial. The Big Red Courthouse is also in the area. There’s also the sculpture garden at the Dallas Museum of Art. I think DMA admission is free on Tuesdays, but the sculpture garden may require a separate fee. Oh, and the DMA is camera friendly. No flash, of course.

    Dallas is also home to Fair Park, a wonderful collection of Art Deco and Art Moderne buildings, many of which were built for the Centennial in 1936. It’s one of my favorite places to shoot. The Dallas Arboretum is also nice in the spring, and camera friendly. I have a Flickr set from there as well.

    If you stay on the north route, it looks like you’ll go straight through Greenville, which is east of McKinney (which is east of Denton). Greenville has a lot of very nice old houses with copper roofs.

    Let me know when you’re coming through the area, and perhaps I can meet up with you guys for a photowalk!


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