Attention Photographers!

Last year, I almost had the chance to attend a sweet Photo Symposium, in Moab, Utah. I swore then that I’d try hard to attend this year. Well, I can’t get the days off work. However, I didn’t want to pass up on a great location like that. Now, of course there are great locations closer to home (Southern California), but I was looking forward to shooting a place that I can’t simply plan a regular photowalk to.

So, I’m calling out to all of my photography pals, like you! I want to plan and organize something more than a photowalk, but not so expensive that it’s limited to who can attend. I’m thinking of Death Valley, before the spring hits. The photographic opportunities are awesome out there. If we plan it at the right time in the late winter, the weather will be nice, and I think many Californians could attend.

With the economy like it is, planning an expensive event won’t be successful. However, a couple of days in Death Valley, with decent lodging and camping options might be a fun time.

What do you say? Interested in photographing one of California’s beautiful National Parks?

If you’re interested, please comment or email/message me. I’m looking at April 3-5, 2009.


I’ve added an upcoming event and an event on Facebook.


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13 thoughts on “Attention Photographers!”

  1. Hey ya’ll! Great weekend! Make sure to tag your photos with, “deathvalleyphotowalk042009”. That will make it easy for us all to find each other’s photos.


  2. Well that’s great, Joanie.

    I’m looking forward to this little trip. I’m adding a few updates to my plans, on the Upcoming page today.


  3. Well, I’ve convinced a friend to come down from Washington for this and we’ve pretty much booked everything we need at this point. Can’t wait!


  4. Not only am I trackig this event, I’ve been trying to convince some of my favorite photographers to join in the fun. If you see a strange jump in traffic, it’s because I’m sending the link to this post to about 100 people. (Okay, so that wouldn’t necessarily cause a noticeable jump in traffic, but I like to pretend that anyway.)


  5. I’m very interested in this excursion. Please keep me updated if you have a newsletter or something similar. I’m in San Diego, but the drive is nothing for me. I haven’t been to Death Valley in ages and it would be a wonderful time to revisit the area.


  6. I’m interested in the Death Valley photo walk. I live in Fort Irwin,CA so I’m just down the road… please let me know if you do this!



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