My personal android…

You know, I took a look at my most recent twenty or so posts today. I actually navigated to my real domain and scanned the content. As a blogger, it’s important to do that every so often, (more regularly than I have been doing). What did I find? I discovered that I haven’t been blogging very much lately.

Oh, there’s a ton of new posts, but they’re all from my photography challenges, from Forgive me. So, today I’m promising to take some time each week to look at a few posts I can work on, to keep the content flowing.

Today I want to take a brief look at my new smartphone, the Android based, T-Mobile G1. What? Android? G1? What on earth is all that gibberish?

Well, many moons ago, the smart guys (and gals) over at Google decided that Apple’s iPhone wasn’t the only answer needed to the crap that Palm, Blackberry, and the Windows Mobile manufacturers were producing. They saw the potential in the open-source model, and launched the Open Handset Alliance Project. There are over 47 organizations involved, and their primary project is called Android. Android is defined as such; “Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications.” That’s basically the operating system (which is Linux based) and a bunch of awesome apps, mostly from Google.

Now, most of the hard work on Android is done by Google folk. But, that ain’t really that bad. It’s not like Google hasn’t been making good stuff.

Now, what’s this about a “G1”? Well, HTC joined together with T-Mobile to offer the first Android-based smartphone. They called it, G1, (the codename was the Googlephone).

It has a touchscreen, and a trackball. The trackball reminds me of the one on my old Blackberry Pearl. But that never had a touchscreen. The touchscreen rocks! I love being able to rapidly “flip” through a photo album or scan a web page. Oh yeah, and the web browsing also rocks! I get the real internet, and can even log into my WordPress powered blogs and write posts. However, if I need a modified view, the mobile versions of most sites also navigate quite well.

As you can see from the second photo, the screen slides out, revealing an actual keyboard. I’ve played with my mom’s iPhone enough to know that my sausage-shaped fingers would make many mistakes, on the small, touchscreen based keyboard it has. So, these raised keys work quite well for me.

So, now that I’ve introduced you to my personal android, I’ll follow up soon with a closer look.


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