January Challenge, day 26

January Challenge, day 26

This morning I got up early and went out with a friend. He took me to his special spot for hunting coyotes.

We had a blast, no pun intended. We walked for several hundred yards, stopping every so often to scan the horizon for any movement.

He scouted a nice sized one, and I placed it nicely in my scope. But, my aim wasn’t so good. I missed. So we continued.

After a while, we decided that we’d head back to his truck. While walking back, he preached that even when we’re heading back we might find something. A few times he saw some nice hawks that we watched for a bit. At one stop, while scouting a pretty red-tailed hawk, he saw another coyote.

This one was walking toward us. I scoped him, and this time waited in patience. He started walking to the right, clearly having not seen us. I followed him, wanting him to stop again.

He did. I shot.

A good hit, just behind the right front shoulder. It wasn’t enough, and he began to leap up on his rear legs. I took another shot, and missed.

My friend decided to engage, and with one of his two shots, he finished him off.

So, this coyote was dropped by the two of us. Team work pays off!


Author: TREVOR

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