Ryan Seacrest, idiot extraordinaire!

As you know, I’m an American Idol fan. Last night, it premiered. The first few shows each season are basically a circus. We see the good ones get by to Hollywood, and the really creepy and horrible ones make fools of themselves.

Every once in a while, someone other than a contestant, makes a fool of their self. Last night, other than Simon’s outlandish insults, Ryan peered into the soul of Captain Idiot.

The final contestant of the  night was a dude who plays piano and sings quite well. Scott Macintyre is that blind contestant. He did well, then worked his way out to his friends and family, to celebrate. Then Ryan does the obligatory, wow-how-do-you-feel-about-going-to-Hollywood interview.

Just at the right moment, Ryan raises his hand, for a high-five. Sweet! He’s blind!

Watch for yourself:


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