The end of an era, and the beginning of the future…

Today, we witnessed the end of the National Rifle Association and their ability and willingness to stand at the gate, for the 2nd Amendment. Read more, here.

I decided to make my voice be heard. I used their corporate website’s contact page to send in my personal thoughts. Below is what I sent them…

I want to first add that I just bought a new Savage Arms, .30-06. I love it, and I was preparing to mail in my money to join the NRA, this week.

Unfortunately, today I discovered the news that the NRA will not be actively working to block the nomination of Eric Holder to Attorney General, in the Obama administration.

This decision has caused me to not only reconsider my support of the NRA, but actually to actively encourage my 2nd Amendment supporting friends to NOT renew their own memberships with the NRA. I’m also encouraging them all to join me, in joining the GOA.

Please, please, reconsider this harmful decision.

Our children’s children depend on it.

If you want to follow my lead, I’d encourage you to go to the NRA hq’s website and submit your own thoughts. Then, head over to the Gun Owner’s of America website, and join up! Another good group to check out is the Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership, that’s where I got these two images.


Author: TREVOR

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