From Rock to Rock, on the PCH

Over the past year, I’ve grown and learned so much as a photographer. Last year, I just finished my first year photowalking, and I was embarking on the second year as the facilitator of I had just had a few good months with the a couple of photo challenges, and I launched

Through all of this online photography, I’ve met some really great people. Several of whom I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting and getting to know. Many others I have great hopes of getting to meet some day too.

One of those I hope to meet some day is Ann Torrence. Ann is a wonderful photographer from Utah. She joined the many photowalkers and helped launch PhotowalkingUtah. They started with just a few, and quickly launched into the largest and most active photowalking group.

Ann is also working on the finishing touches to a very anticipated photo book, US 89: the Character of the American West. In it, she starts on the US Highway 89, from the US-Mexico border at Nogales, Arizona, just south of Tucson, AZ. She traces US 89 all the way north, through some of the most beautiful states; Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. She ends this journey at the US-Canada border, in the middle of nowhere, adjacent to Glacier National Park. On her page linked above, there’s actually a nice map showing you the path.

Over the past year or so, I’ve kept track of Ann’s progress, getting more and more interested in a similar book of my own. But what would I photograph? Well, when we moved up the coast this past summer, I got my answer. Joining a new community has some exciting challenges. One of which is to see all the wonderful new locations to photograph. Then, it hit me. I’m still on the PCH, California’s famous coastal highway. So, I’m going to photograph from where I grew up, in Ventura County, all the way up to San Luis Obispo County.

The project will be from Pt. Mugu Rock to Morro Rock. I’m calling it, From Rock to Rock, on the PCH. You’ll be able to follow along with me, as I progress through the different areas. What do you think?

I’ve built a basic Google Map, that I’ll be adding to it desired destinations and accomplished locations. It’s just below:


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4 thoughts on “From Rock to Rock, on the PCH”

  1. Thanks, Harley. Yeah, I’m getting that too. I originally had the Map private, and changed it, thinking that would fix the problem. But, it’s not fixed.

    I think I’ll make a new map, starting out public. That may fix it.


  2. I’m looking forward to Ann’s book too. I’ve been to a couple presentations she’s done based on it and heard several stories she’s dug up; it should be great.

    PCH would be a great subject. It has such rich history. I’ve got some fond childhood memories from family outings on that road (more northern stretches than where you are). A buddy of mine and I have talked about doing a BC to BC motorcycle trip along it someday.

    BTW, I’m getting a Google error on the map: “Forbidden! Your client does not have permission to get URL…” Maybe it needs to be publicly shared?

    Merry Christmas!


  3. I to am looking forward to Ann’s book. I will be the first in line to get a signed copy when she releases it. I consider Ann a good friend and agree that she is a great photographer.

    I think you project is a good one Trevor, I’ve been on the PCH a few times and would love to see you work on a book.


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