What to give those who need?

With our economy in the ropes, are there people in your life with real, genuine needs? Do you know someone who lost their job? Do you know someone preparing to loose their home?

All these people have real, genuine needs.

At this time in their lives, there are a lot of things they DON’T need. However, there are some things they do need. Don’t know what they need? Ask them!

One easy way to find out who has real, genuine needs is to ask someone else who might know. Be careful to stay clear of the gossip channels, though.

I’d suggest you ask your pastor. That’s a good person to be in the know about those who have real, genuine needs, this Christmas season. He can tell you who recently lost their job. He can tell you who’s about to loose their home.

Now, there’s a good chance that he won’t just give you their name(s). In fact, that’s probably a real good thing. So, just ask him to give you some stats about the family in need. Then, head down to a decen local store, like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Sears for a gift card.

However, in times like this, there are great gift ideas that are a must. When the family budget gets smaller and smaller, the family eats out less and it’s important to carefully manage the food cooked at home. That’s when having the right kitchen tools can really help the family.

I’d suggest you look at a few items. Here’s an example:

Additionally, items for repair around the house can be of great value. There may be less trips to the mechanic for the family car(s), and/or less call outs for repairmen. So, a decent set of tools can be valuable.

All these ideas are less then $100. That’s what’s so cool. You can really help a family in need, without breaking your own bank.

If I had $100 to spend on helping out someone or some family, these are the kinds of things I’d consider. How about you?

This idea came to me, from a blogpal, BenSpark. BenSpark Grants a Wish is his post, about doing quite a similar thing. He’s running a contest on his blog, so go check it out!


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  1. Great post Trevor. Please leave a comment with the link to this post on BenSpark.com so you can be entered to win the contest, and don’t forget to tweet as wellas leave a second comment detailing the things you would buy like you did in this post, that way you can get all 3 entries.


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