Fix those fuzzy dots!


As you may know, I took the family out to the Guadalupe Dunes the other day. We had a quick afternoon/evening visit to one of our area’s more beautiful destinations, especially for watching the sunset. The kids had a good time, running in and around the decent sized dunes, and we scurried around to keep up with them.

I was able to bring along a bit of my photo gear and I took a few photos while I was at it.

Lately, I’ve been struggling with keeping my lenses clean. I use a basic UV filter on each lens, to protect it, but that actually adds a few more surfaces to keep clean. I have one of those sweet Nikon lens pens, that really help, especially in the field.

However, more often than not, I end up back at home, processing in Aperture, and I see a whole plethora of smudges and unwanted fuzzy dots. The tools built into most decent photo processing apps, these days, have quite good methods for helping us all clean up our photographs. I like what Apple’s Aperture has to offer. I just don’t like having to use it SO much.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve discovered a sweet little trick that I use to help me find all those smudges and fuzzy dots. Here’s what I do:

#1, I open up a desired photograph, and inspect it for the blemishes.


#2, I then take my exposure slider(s) and shoot them all the way up. This helps me see what I’m dealing with better.


#3, Next I slam the brightness through the roof. This of course makes a really ugly photograph, but that’s not the initial goal.


#4, Now I’m ready to make my repairs. In these few sample shots, of the same photograph, you can see how each step reveals even more for me to repair.


Now, you simply undo all the exposure work, because we’re all using an app with nondestructive image processing, right? This allows you to do all sorts of edits, without messing up your original. That’s real important. So, now that you’ve undone all the repair-based exposure work, it’s time to continue with your normal processing. I’ve done that below too.


What do you think? Could you put this little tip to work in your photo processing system? Let me know!


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