Loving the Central Coast…

By now, you’ve figured out that we moved up to the Central Coast of California. My job hasn’t changed, I just commute southward bound instead of northward bound.

We’re now genuine Central Coast residents and we’re loving it! There’s so much to do and see and we’re loving every bit of each new discovery. We just got an annual membership the Santa Barbara Zoo, thanks to the in-laws, so we’ll be able to go there as much as we want. We’ve also visited state park, Montana del Oro, twice. It’s a beautiful park, on the coast, just south of Morro Bay.

Without going into a huge post, detailing all the wonderful destinations available to us now, I’ll just share some photos from the last two. Our recent trip to Montana del Oro and the SB Zoo.

Below are a few shots from Montana del Oro:

DSC_5293DSC_5389DSC_5380DSC_5351DSC_5355Family PhotoDSC_5414DSC_5310

Below are a few shots from the SB Zoo:

My 4 kids.Family PhotoHmm, that fat guy looks like two meals...DSC_5982Are you talking to me?DSC_6149DSC_5524DSC_5753


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