Roger and Me: What Senator Wicker did for you and me.

Who is Senator Roger Wicker? He is the appointed Senator from Mississippi. He was appointed when Trent Lott stepped down, in December 2007.

Why is this important? Well, Senator Wicker was able to keep his seat, tonight. That contributes to the small number of seats that the GOP is desperately trying to keep. This is important because a Democratic President, with a Democratic House and Senate is a dangerous thing. It would be even more dangerous, if the Democrats had 60 seats in the Senate. It looks like they’ll only get 56 or 58. Whew!

I think that keeping Lord Barry from having a filibuster-proof blank check would be one horribly dangerous situation. This is one of the last things I hold onto, keeping America free. And I’m not kidding.


Author: TREVOR

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