Clinging to my guns, NASCAR, and my Bible…

Clinging to my guns, NASCAR, and my Bible…What are you going to do about it, Barry?

Today I went to a local shooting range with a friend. We took two of his rifles; a nice old .243 bolt-action and his .30-06 bolt-action hunting rifle. He needed to sight-in the hunting rifle, as he had an unsuccessful deer hunting trip a few weeks back.Smith & Wesson M&P 40C

We had a great time, and I enjoyed the opportunity to not only help a friend, but to shoot one of his rifles. This trip only solidified my desire to get one of my own, soon. It’s so much fun, just going to the range for a few hours and shooting at targets. I can’t imagine the fun of actually getting out and hunting.

As we were walking up the range, to tape up our targets, I looked down and realized that I was wearing a NASCAR t-shirt. No one would think twice about seeing a NASCAR shirt, at a shooting range. Then I considered that I should have brought along a small pocket Bible. That way, I could have been the perfect opposite of Obama’s America.


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