Redistribution of wealth

Listen to Obama try as hard as he can to justify his desire to take your hardwork and give the rewards to someone else.


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3 thoughts on “Redistribution of wealth”

  1. @Scott, I agree. McCain seemed like a boxer who wouldn’t take the knock-out blow. He lacked the final strike, several times.

    @Julie, I agree about the gonads! Unfortunately, neither party would allow a genuine reformer from their ranks. The Right knows the desired policies and direction of any Left reformer, more socialism and larger government. The Left in turn knows the same of the Right. Trimming off of programs that make the government larger, like the socialist policies and wasteful spending.

    Ideological ties keep any of the libertarians and/or third party candidates from getting any real influence. The standard third party method is to take half of the top 10 issues from each party and make it their own. Unfortunately, no one on either side is willing to accept half of the issues from the other side.


  2. Sadly, I’ve had much of my wealth redistributed already with this last administration. My family isn’t rich, but I’ve stood by and watched CEO’s float away on golden parachutes while both of us took huge pay cuts. I have some stock options in my file drawer that are worth less than the paper they were printed on. My son’s college just hiked tuition another 8%. And we won’t talk about my electric and insurance bills.

    To tell the truth, I don’t think either of these guys will provide the sort of relief that people like us need. I’m not asking for money. I’m asking for reform. Money’s easy to hand out. Just ask a banker who got a piece of that $700 billion. Where does that come from? You. Me. Joe Plumber. I don’t care who’s in office; we’re gonna the shaft.

    I’m waiting for a candidate with the gonads to cut through the crap (lobbyists, special interest groups, and so on) and do what’s right. Sadly, I don’t think that’s going to happen with either candidate.


  3. I was just commenting a few minutes ago, listening to this “debate”…. that every single answer out of Obama’s mouth has to do with the government taking over things that it shouldn’t be in charge of. And I can’t figure out why McCain doesn’t call him on that in every single rebuttal. Obama’s only proposed solution to anything is for the federal government to be in charge of it. How much does he think all that is going to cost?


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