What? $900! Are you kidding me?

I’m beginning to think that all this technology doesn’t make our lives better.

Today, whilst reconciling our checking account, my wife discovered that we had 3 charges we did not authorize. Fearing identity theft, again, she quickly contacted our bank and discovered that the Morrison Clark Inn, the place we stayed back in August in Washington, DC, had charged all three. They charged us $136.54 today, twice. Yesterday, they charged us $910.26! That’s over $1100, for you math geniuses.

Looking at the clock on a Friday afternoon, knowing that Washington’s time zone put their close of business within a couple of hours, meant that I had little time to do my magic.

I immediately contacted the Morrison Clark Inn. I spoke with Uzo Obiezue. He took down my information and pledged to call me back with some answers. Thirty minutes later, I called back and Uzo was no where to be found. This time, Nephrateri “helped” me. Taking down my information, looking into their computer system, she pledged to take this issue up with a supervisor, and call me back. By now there was less than 30 minutes left before they closed their offices for the day.

I called her back, to get some answers, and got only her voicemail, 5 times. FIVE TIMES! She had left for the day.

Now I was starting to get angry.

The final time I called back, I told the operator that I would not be put on hold and that I would not be transferred to Nephrateri’s voicemail. I insisted that someone actually address my issue. Now I was transferred to a Mr. Fu Wu. He took down all my information and confirmed much of the same that Nephrateri had confirmed. This time, I told Mr. Wu that I really didn’t want to depend on him calling me back. I had been burned. He immediately addressed the two charges from today. Done. Refunded.

Then he got my bank’s information, in order to contact them directly. I had to take the risk, and have him call me back. He did, from his personal mobile phone! Whilst on hold with my bank, he called me to let me know that he was on hold with them. Sweet!

When he called back, within minutes, he informed me that not only had he dealt with the charges, he was faxing my bank a note, on their letterhead, detailing all the charges. Now the $900 charge was refunded too.

Mr. Fu Wu, thank you. You are the example of proper customer service. Nephrateri and Uzo, you should look for new jobs.


Author: TREVOR

Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.