Washington DC trip, recap

I am a loser! I set out, when we got back from our trip, to write several posts reviewing our awesome anniversary trip to DC. I wrote the first post, then I forgot. So I thought I’d recap the rest of the trip for you here.

Of course I took a whole lot of photos throughout the trip. We visited almost every important sight around the city. I have a whole set dedicated to the shots I took, over on my Flickr page. Even though I’ve been to DC twice before, I was still able to see and experience a few new destinations.What a family The most impacting was the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Very emotional visit. The museum is so packed with good information that you can migrate from one spot to another, reading everything and watching every video. There are of course loads of articles donated by holocaust survivors. There are also many concentration camp items. All of this is used to help recreate, as best they can, what a camp looked like. Very creepy.

We also had the great opportunity to meet one of my first blogging pals, Raoul Pop. In fact, it was years ago that I found Raoul’s blog, and discovered the wonderful world of photography. I think Raoul can take credit for me jumping into the photography hobby. We met him and his lovely wife, Ligia, for breakfast in Union Station. Good people.

Welcome, to the future!

We traveled around the city, all week, on the DC Metro. I love the retro styling, it reminds me of Space Mountain at Disneyland. I think they were designed in the same decade.

Where much is done...

This shot of the US Capitol building is my money shot. I really love this photograph.


We also visited the Arlington National Cemetery. You can’t visit this amazing cemetery without witnessing the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This US Army soldier stands guard for 30 minutes, during the hot summer. The rest of the year they take 1 hour shifts. There is a soldier guarding that tomb 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They take 21 steps, turn and face the tomb, stand for 21 seconds, turn and take 21 steps back to the other side. They do this, non-stop, whilst they guard the tomb. Very solemn and beautiful to watch. The changing of the guard is also wonderful to watch. A soldier comes out and explains the whole process, as you witness the old guard and the new guard exchange their post.

Pennsylvania road

We rented a car for two days, and visited Gettysburg, PA the first. It’s not that far of a drive north from Washington, and we arrived in time to visit the amazing new visitor’s center and then purchase an audio CD that guided us through the whole of the battlefield from the famous Gettysburg battle of the American Civil War. This shot is from the drive around town. See my Flickr set for many more shots from beautiful Gettysburg.

Can you see me?

What’s a visit to Washington, DC, without seeing at least one of the Smithsonian Museums? This shot I took at the Air and Space Museum. Of course, some pretty awesome exhibits are there, relating to flight and space exploration.

Group Photo

Does Photowalking Trevor ever take a trip without participating in a photowalk? NEVER! This trip was no different. Several months before our trip, I laid the groundwork for a sweet photowalk in the evening along the National Mall. Since there are so many of the top attractions within walking distance of each other, I wanted to hit as many as possible on this photowalk. I knew that I also wanted a few night shots of these attractions, like the US Capitol shot above. The shot immediately above is our group photo. You guessing right, we had over 50 people show up!

Lincoln Memorial

This shot is another favorite from this trip. I love how Abe is lit up so nicely inside.

Go Dodgers!

While visiting an old friend from college, being a Dodger fan, he recommended that we hit the local Nationals’ Park, to watch my boys in blue play the Nationals. They lost that night, but who’s in the playoffs for the World Series today? (He, he, he.) BTW, amazing stadium, that Nationals’ Park.


The other place we visited with our rental car was Mt. Vernon, the homestead of one George Washington. Gorgeous place! In fact, I think that this was the highlight of the trip for me.


Finally, we stayed in the Morrison Clark Historic Inn. Beautiful place. The room was a little small, but what can you expect from a building that is almost 150 years old? It is within walking distance of many great places to eat, and two Metro stations. Being in the city, we were able to stay out as late as we wanted, and not have to worry about a long commute. After we got there, it appeared that the rates were a little high for us, but no worries, we had booked through Travelocity, and they had lower rates. It’s a very nice place, and I’d recommend it to anyone wanting the perfect stay in Washington, DC.

We had a great trip and I’d love to back some day with my kids!


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  1. Johnny, thanks for the movie recommendations. I hope anyone else who stumbles upon this will take that advice. I’ve seen them both, and enjoyed them.

    We wanted to visit Williamsburg and Monticello, but didn’t plan ahead enough to pull it off. Next time!


  2. Trevor,

    We did many of the same things you did on your visit. We also went to Williamsburg and Monticello.

    Did you get to see the movies “Gettysburg” and “Gods & Generals” before your visit? If not, put them in your Netflix cue. I think you will find them to tell the story of Gettysburg quite well and make the visit there mean more to you.



  3. Of course, Raoul. It WAS wonderful to finally meet you two.

    If I didn’t process my work within short order, after a photo shoot, I’d postpone it until it was forgotten. I generally try to get photos finished within the week of them being shot.


  4. Thank you very much for the nice words, Trevor! Just got to see our photo and the other photos you took at Union Station. We’re glad we got to meet you and Deanna in person.

    I still haven’t had a chance to process the photos I took there. Some day soon…


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