Happy Birthday, Mr. Secret Agent Man

Today is the 286th birthday of Samuel Adams. Mr. Adams was not only a great American statesman, a brewer, and a great Patriot, but he was also a secret spy for the United States of America.

As many know, Adams was a prominent member of the Sons of Liberty. This group also comprised great men like John Adams, Paul Revere, Patrick Henry, and John Hancock. In the years, months, and days leading up to the Revolutionary War, these men worked tirelessly to support the cause of freedom. They produced many small form printed documents and leaflets that were mass produced through the colonies. The Sons of Liberty were also some of the most aggressive organizers of protests and public outcries against the British Crown and Parliament and their continued unfair taxation of the American colonies. This was highlighted most by the famous Boston Tea Party.

In September 1774, Adams was selected as one of the colony’s delegates to the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia. In the Congress, Adams was one of the first and loudest voices for independence. (*)

Samuel Adams was demonstrating his strength and resolve, during the earliest debates about the future of America. Adams emerged as a sound voice for freedom. Of course, Samuel Adams would go down in history, along with 55 other great men, as a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

During the war many of the Patriots, the Sons of Liberty, organized and participated in the Committees of Correspondence. Thomas Allen, author of George Washington, Spymaster, describes them like this,

These committees, just like modern intelligence agencies, operated openly by holding anti-tax meetings or printing propaganda and secretly by running spy networks. They kept the Colonies in touch with each other through secret correspondence and alter would help make united action possible.

Adams was one of the most active leaders in the Massachusetts Committee of Correspondence. When the war broke out, these committees were the backbone of Washington’s access to information and intelligence.

Many described Adams as the, “Father of the American Revolution”. Thomas Jefferson called him the, “Patriarch of Liberty”. No doubt, Samuel Adams was a great American.


Author: TREVOR

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