Anniversary trip to Washington DC, part one

UsAs you probably know, the wife and I celebrated our 10th anniversary in Washington DC, last week. It was a great trip that gave us a good amount of time, without the kids.

My parents took our 4 beasts, for the whole week.

I had planned and hoped to blog each day’s activities. However, by the end of the trip, I had only blogged once. So, I’ll recap the whole trip here.

We flew out on Tuesday, arriving at Dulles International Airport in the evening. With the bus ride, then taxi ride to our historic hotel, we arrived kinda late. Today, the airlines are looking to save every little penny, so we had no real meal on the flight. By the time we arrived at the Morrison Clark Inn, we were starving. The wife had done a nice job of scouting out some good eats, before the trip. I pulled out the old Powerbook and quickly found the closest eatery, Capitol City Brewery. We shot down 11th Street and caught a great late meal. A pint of their Prohibition Porter hit the spot! Day one.
We were very tired, and decided to get a little extra sleep the next day. Up quite late, we had planned on taking a bus tour, throughout the city. The Gray Line, double-decker bus tours are pretty good. We could hop on and off at each of the typical stops, here’s a good list of all the stops. (Union Station, Supreme Court, Library of Congress, Jefferson Memorial, National Museum of Natural History, Ford’s Theater, The White House, Lincoln Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, Washington Monument, Smithsonian, National Air & Space Museum, and the National Gallery of Art)

After the bus tour, we had a good idea what sights we wanted to hit over the next few days. And with some time left in our day, we took the bus back around to the Jefferson Memorial. We wanted to rent a paddle boat, and enjoy the sunset from the bay adjacent to the Jefferson Memorial. Unfortunately, they close down way before sunset. Oh well. We did walk around to the memorial, and enjoyed sitting under the dome. After a couple of self portraits, we headed back to the closest Metro station and found our way back to the Inn. This was the first evening we began to realize that Washington is not a late night city. No doubt, the majority of that city are safely tucked in bed by 9pm, every night.

Come back for Part II…


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