Washington DC, day 3

DSC_2729So, we’re having a blast here in Washington! We arrived on Tuesday evening, and pretty much only had time to get to our hotel, and go to bed. With a bit of a sleep in on Wednesday, we hit the double-decker bus for a good overall view of the main sights.

We finished up at the Jefferson Memorial on Wednesday. Off to bed for an early morning on Thursday.
Welcome, to the future!
We were up by 0600, for enough time to eat and get in line for our tickets into the Washington Memorial. Plenty of time! We had just enough time to see the whole city from way up there. At the last minute, our Congressman’s office contacted us to let us know we had addmission to The White House, but we had just 30 minutes to finish our Washington Memorial visit, and run over to The White House. Ah!

We made it, and boy are we glad. Deanna was really looking forward to visiting The White House, and it was a nice visit. George says hi! (No photos allowed in The White House. Bummer.) Of course, we didn’t get to see much the real important stuff, but we did head over to the WH Visitor Center afterwards.
Washington Monument
We finished up the day with a look from the top of the Old Post Office, and a wonderful visit to the National Archives. The Archives was terrific! There’s something so powerful about seeing the real Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of The United States of America! After we picked up a few souveneirs, Benjamin Gates would have been proud of, we headed back to the hotel.

Wow! We’re tired!

**You may be asking yourself, “Self…What happened to Days 1 & 2?” Nothing. I haven’t written them yet.**


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