ESV Study Bible

As I’m sure you can tell, I’m a big fan of the English Standard Version of the Bible. I’ve been reading the Word of God since I was a youngster, and over the years I’ve read several translations and paraphrases. I started out with the New American Standard and the New International Version. While attending a fairly liberal Christian univeristy, I was introduced to the New Revised Standard Version, bleh. I dabbled in The Message at that time too. For a few years we were entertained at a seeker-oriented church, and became readers of the New Living “Translation”, again, bleh.

Then my years at The Master’s College introduced me to the English Standard Version. I quickly picked up a small, almost pocket copy, and fell in love with the modern language, yet I found no compromising of doctrine. It was true, but made sense. I got Deanna a copy and we both soon wanted a study Bible. At that time, only RC Sproul had produced a study Bible, The Reformation Study Bible. We each got a copy, and have been using it as our primary copy of the Bible since then. I love it.

Recently, Crossway Books annouced that they now have an ESV Study Bible. I’ve downloaded their sample, of Psalms, and I’m very interested. I think I just might spend the cash for a hardback copy. Cool!


Author: TREVOR

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