We’ve up and moved…

You may or may not know yet, but we’ve moved. We packed up and drug ourselves up and out of the VC and into the genuine Central Coast.

In case you didn’t know, moving sucks! My wonderful wife worked her butt off for 2 weeks, packing up our home, to prepare. Then, we loaded up the moving truck last Friday and drove up on Saturday. Of course, after you unload the truck, you’re not really moved in. It will probably take another week to get settled.

I’ll try to hit the road and take some photos of our new area soon.


Author: TREVOR

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4 thoughts on “We’ve up and moved…”

  1. Thanks for all the well wishes, friends.

    @his4ever, I too have moved a bit, and don’t like the packing up part at all.
    @Chris, It really is beautiful. My drive to work starts in the rolling hills, with scattered oak trees. Then moves to the gorgeous rocky coastline.
    @Bryan, It went pretty smooth, and I’ll be recovered physically in a week or so.


  2. AHH all to familiure, I grew up never moving. Then I married my husband. Lets just say… after being married for 4 years we have moved twice. I hate the moving part… but I love living in new locations….

    Getting antsy to move again!


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