I think I’ll celebrate with a new 45!

Smith & Wesson M&P 40C

I woke to a fire hydrant of news about the US Supreme Court’s ruling on the 2nd Amendment case before them. You have no idea how excited I became as I read the reports coming in stating the renewed clarity about our continued rights.

In case you didn’t know, the Supreme Court has never clearly ruled on the basic reality that we, as individuals, have the right to purchase, own, and possess firearms. Back in the 70’s the city of Washington, DC passed a law that forbade the ownership of handguns, and increased the limitations on rifles and shotguns. Their reasoning was to help fight crime on the streets. Recently, an armed security guard wanted to purchase and possess a handgun, for personal protection. The city denied his request, and he sued.

The case made its way to the top court, and they ruled today. Yippy!

Now if they’d just enforce existing laws, and quit pandering to the dirt-bag criminals, maybe we’d see a drop in crime.

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3 thoughts on “I think I’ll celebrate with a new 45!”

  1. @Chris, I wouldn’t expect too many Europeans, especially Brits, to come to the issue with a balanced understanding. This isn’t really your fault, you’ve pretty much been given only one side of the issue your whole lives. Socialism can’t control your life, with you having the freedom to protect yourself. Why would you need the government to run your life, if you could do it yourself?

    My hope is not to be insulting to you individually, in fact it is to insult the People’s Republic of Europe.

    As a law enforcement officer, my ownership of a firearm, and its use is slightly unique. When something bad happens, I MUST get involved. With that said, I keep my one handgun, pictured above, loaded and ready at all times. A gun used for protection has no value if I can’t get it quickly, ready for use.

    So, I read into your question, assuming that you want to know how I keep it unloaded and locked away in a safe. If I had additional firearms, especially rifles, etc, I would have them in a safe. However, I would always have one handgun ready for use.

    For tactical purposes, I won’t share online where I keep it. I will say that not one of my children are capable of gaining access to the said handgun.

    Wow! That was a long reply. Sorry.


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