Watch out, Nazis!

Today we picked up the new LEGO Indiana Jones Xbox360 game. Oh yeah, those Nazis had better watch out. I haven’t played enough to review the game, but we’re enjoying it this afternoon.

It plays identical to the LEGO Star Wars games. This isn’t bad. In fact, it’s what makes it fun for the kids to jump right in and start doing well. Even our #3, the four year old Wookie, has been enjoying it.


Author: TREVOR

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4 thoughts on “Watch out, Nazis!”

  1. I got it for Father’s Day and only had time to play the first level. It rocks. Very fun, very entertaining. I might take a sick day tomorrow so I can play it with my kids. Plays like Star Wars, but with enough variations to make it feel new.


  2. Dude, that looks like a fun game. I need to get a new game, or rather I want to get a new game. I can’t stop playing halo3 and I’ve got the new GTA sitting in the drawer unopened for a week!


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