I am Iron Man!

Iron ManI really enjoyed Iron Man. I really liked the cartoon and the comic. Like Batman, Iron Man is great because he is intelligent and full of ingenuity. He’s no mutant or alien. That’s what I like about him.

OK, retro kid thoughts over…

I’m glad to see Robert Downy, Jr. do a good film. I’m sure that this summer’s huge list of blockbusters will overshadow this one, because it’s so early in the season. However, it surly will be purchased in our home. Our kids get to see a lot of the action and adventure films. We mostly steer clear of sexual stuff. With that said, we’ll have to skip one scene, if we let the kids see this one.

  • Good action.
  • Tells the back story of the superhero.
  • I love that Marvel wasn’t afraid of making the bad guys be Middle Eastern terrorists. Well, they’re not the only bad guy.

It’s hard not to make a predictable movie, when everyone already knows the major story plots and sub-plots. Modernizing it, with the terrorists was a nice touch. Purists may not be happy.

OK, I’m done.

Oh, one more thing. Not once do I remember hearing Bob Junior say, in the suit, “I am Iron Man.” We heard it in the previews, but not in the film. Bummed me out. I’ll get over it.

Trevor, out.


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2 thoughts on “I am Iron Man!”

  1. No, Andy, I missed it. I’m kicking myself too! But I do know what I missed…The Avengers Initiative! Oh yeah!

    BTW, playing the Iron Man demo on Xbox 360, right now.


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