11 ways to spend a hot summer day in air conditioning

This summer has a huge list of great potential blockbuster films being released. I’m curious about some, and down right excited about others. Here’s the list, in order of release date…

OK, so the last one isn’t a theater release. But, it must be on there! Any continuation of the Star Wars saga must always be included.

Now, some of these you might have skipped, and that is your right. I, however, am very excited about each of these.

If I remember, I’ll try to review each of them, as I see them.


Author: TREVOR

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4 thoughts on “11 ways to spend a hot summer day in air conditioning”

  1. I wish My Beloved and I could go to the theater… a little hard with two little ones… but I am looking forward to these coming out on DVD. Then my “swear machine blocker thngy” can block any swear words if there are some. Can’t Wait!!


  2. The only film I’ll probably see in the theater is Indiana Jones. I have asthma, and invariably someone doused in scent will sit nearby. A little fragrance is one thing, but when people can smell it from several rows away, that’s just plain wrong. I have better ways to spend ten bucks than to sit and wheeze for two hours.


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